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About Us

When I worked 80 hours a week in my twenties, I had no idea what the future had in store. All I knew was that I needed to work hard to achieve my goals of independent thought and self-sufficiency. It can be onerous to be a young woman under the rule of an oppressive regime. I am from Iran.

I moved to Turkey in my mid-twenties and earned my first Master’s Degree in Operation Research Management.  This was where I met my future husband, Michael, who is from Tigard, Oregon. After our marriage, we moved to Amity.  Living in the countryside brought me a natural feeling of freedom.  I was so excited about the greenness of this area.  I earned my second advanced degree, a Professional MBA, from Willamette University.

In 2018, we were blessed with a beautiful daughter.  My wonderful husband and I wanted to make her life beautiful and healthy.   We started with bees.  We got hives, and I began to take flower-growing classes to make organic honey.  I took Lisa Massen Zigler’s classes and started growing beautiful flowers.  By 2020, I started one of the impossible: my business, Ishtar’s Eden, LLC, to grow flowers and make organic honey.

As a young girl, I could not imagine being a businessperson due to past challenges of societal biases. Now, I am a businesswoman who grows beautiful flowers to set an example for my daughter that she can achieve what she cannot yet imagine for her future.

We are growing Snapdragons to share with everyone through Frank Adams.  I want to shout out and appreciate them for allowing me to make impossible things possible.  I am proud to be part of their team.  


In addition, we grow other seasonal flowers and sell them to our community in our shop at Amity Downtown and Sherwood Farmer’s Market.


We can prepare wedding arrangements for pickup.  This business model benefits our customers since they don’t need to pay extra labor hours or delivery fees for our person at the event.

We are proud to help you show love to your loved ones and make your day more beautiful.  We believe everyone needs flowers, as they provide “caffeine for the soul”.

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